Webinar: Why Malta

March 14th
15:00 - 15:30

Malta is at present recognized as one of the EU’s most attractive jurisdictions for the management of international operations.

Thanks to a sound and credible economy, a competitive tax regime with low effective tax rates, competitive operational costs and easy access to the European and north of Africa markets, Malta has increasingly attracted foreign investors in different sectors of activity.

In our forthcoming webinar you will learn more about the advantages of this jurisdiction for international operations, its tax regime and in particular some of the opportunities it offers for international trading activities, holding, succession planning and asset management, amongst other.

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NEWCO is a corporate services provider, which has supported for more than two decades the incorporation and management of companies in competitive jurisdictions.

We make the complex simple, we make it happen, and we help our clients grow their businesses, maximizing opportunities and minimizing the risks of operating in a new jurisdiction.

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